Chiropractic Annapolis MD Covid-19 Announcement

COVID-19 Webinar – Integrative Strategies To Stay Healthy

March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Webinar – Integrative Strategies To Stay Healthy Did you miss the webinar? Dr. Steph gives insight into the current COVID-19 Pandemic. She explains the strategies she has implemented to stay healthy and answers many of the questions that patients have been asking. Covid-19 Webinar in Annapolis You don’t want…

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Heart Made With Hands

10 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong

February 7, 2020

10 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong Heart Disease is The number one Killer in America and World Wide.  Let’s Stop and follow a better plan. Take these tips to Heart! 1. REDUCE STRESS Take a Deep Breath. Yoga is breathing and stretching. Studies have linked yoga to…

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Ozone Molecule

Health Benefits of Medical Ozone

January 24, 2020

Health Benefits ofMedical Ozone Ozone is a gas that consists of three oxygen atoms, O3. The oxygen we breathe is O2.  There are various methods of administering ozone therapy.  One option is through the blood, systemically, another is locally (into a joint) or in a body cavity. Ozone will give…

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Healthy Green Drink

Get Healthy & Stay Healthy!

January 13, 2020

Get Healthy & Stay Healthy! The New Year always brings new inspiration to choose better health but how? Here at Living Health Integrative Medicine we have a plan for you to get healthy and stay healthy.  Want more energy?  Want to think clearly?  Want better digestion and absorption of your…

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Hugs Reduce Stress


December 26, 2019

Healthy Holidays! Hugs! Hugs reduce stress and produce a chemical hormone in your brain called oxytocin that helps you feel safe and secure and reduces stress hormones like cortisol. Hugs boost heart health and have been linked to a reduction of blood pressure and heart rate. Hugs make you happy.…

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Healthy Berries

5 Reasons to Add Cranberries to Your Daily Diet

December 19, 2019

Healthy Holidays! 5 Reasons to Add Cranberries to Your Daily Diet FIVE REASONS TO ADD CRANBERRIES TO YOUR DAILY DIET Cranberries are considered a superfood because of its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, flavonoid and phytonutrients (plant based compounds). It’s high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, manganese and even fiber.…

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Happy Family

Ready For A Stress Free Holiday?

December 10, 2019

Ready For A Stress Free Holiday? Tis the season to be Jolly!  Unfortunately many of us get overly stressed during the holiday season; so much so that it can lead to poor health even to the point of hospital visits. Stress comes in many forms like chemical stress from toxins…

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Blood Sugar Test

Can You Reverse Diabetes?

December 3, 2019

Can You Reverse Diabetes? “The key to good health is to make the right easy decision consistently and repetitively.” Dr. Chaney So you are curious if it is true. Well YES, you CAN Reverse Diabetes!  We have thousands of cases that prove you can.  Now that you know that it…

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Greens Rolls

Are You Eating Your Greens?

November 22, 2019

Are You Eating Your Greens? Leafy Greens have been linked to better health.  Greens add vitamins and phytonutrients that reduce inflammation in the body. Dark leafy greens helps fight Diabetes.  Greens help reverse hardened arteries and clean out arterial plaque.  Greens not only help your heart but also your brain,…

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