For A Youthful, Healthy Glow Try Gluthathione in Annapolis

For A Youthful, Healthy Glow Try Glutathione In Annapolis

Chronic Pain Annapolis MD For A Youthful Healthy Glow Try Glutathione

One skin protection solution you may not be aware of is glutathione. The body’s master antioxidant, glutathione is considered the most important nutrient needed to prevent aging, cancer, dementia, heart disease, and more. This detoxification agent also contains skin brightening properties that help you achieve a glowing, youthful complexion. In addition, glutathione is a master anti-inflammatory, used with a variety of conditions from cancer to autism and Alzheimer’s. Because the benefits are so far-reaching, we recommend glutathione supplementation in Annapolis to most patients.

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione, produced by the liver and found in some foods, is a molecule composed of the amino acids glutamine, cysteine, and glycine. Its chemical structure allows it to act as an antioxidant to remove free radicals. Free radicals accumulate not only from sunlight overexposure, but from environmental toxins and poor diet, and cause sun damage, aging, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders.

How Does Glutathione Work?

In the body, glutathione binds to and safely removes toxins, especially heavy metals like mercury. Glutathione supports the immune system and controls inflammation, the root cause of many diseases. Glutathione is necessary for transporting oxygen from the blood into the cell, along with protecting mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell, associated with longevity – for energy. It recycles itself and regenerates other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E.

What Depletes Glutathione?

Some risk factors are unavoidable, including aging, genetic mutations, and to an extent, environmental toxins. All other risk factors are modifiable, which means you have the ability to improve your body’s glutathione stores. These risk factors include drugs (medications, recreational, alcohol), poor diet, inflammation, stress, poor sleep, infections, radiation, injury, and diseases including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune disorders.

What Supplements To Take?

Certain supplements can boost your body’s natural production of glutathione. These supplements include milk thistle, which supports the liver for detoxification, and turmeric, shown to reduce inflammation. Our Glutathione-Plex contains both herbs, along with more nutrients that all work together to pump up your body’s glutathione: alpha lipoic acid, cordyceps, and several amino acids which are all precursors to glutathione. This means when you increase intake of these amino acids (n-acetyl cysteine, glutamine, cysteine, glycine), you will increase your body’s glutathione production.

Chronic Pain Annapolis MD Glutathione-PLEX

We also have Glutathione PL, a liquid form scientifically proven to be more easily absorbed than pill form. Glutathione PL is in a liposomal nanoparticle format meaning that each molecule is enclosed in fat and repels water, making it easier to pass through cell membranes, which are composed of phospholipids, or fat.

Being a nanoparticle means the molecule is tiny enough to pass easily through the cells and cross major barriers including the gut, blood-brain barrier, and skin. For that reason, its skin brightening effects (Wahab et al., 2021), and ability to improve skin elasticity, we sometimes recommend applying Glutathione PL topically.

Is It Safe?

Supplementation with glutathione has been generally recognized as safe, and no side effects have been shown to occur with glutathione consumption from diet. Possible side effects of glutathione supplementation include abdominal cramps, bloating, trouble breathing in those with asthma, and skin rash or allergic reactions. One in vitro study – meaning the study was conducted in a petri dish and not in humans – found that long-term supplementation may decrease zinc levels (Steiger et al., 2017). Glutathione has not been found to interact with other medications or supplements.

Chronic Pain Annapolis MD Glutathione-PL100

What Dosage To Take?

For our patients, we generally recommend two to four “pumps” of Glutathione PL, which comes in a pump bottle, twice a day (400 mg to 800 mg) for the first two months of their program. Dosages vary depending on individual needs, so be sure to consult with your practitioner to determine what dosage is right for you.

How Soon Will You See Improvements?

Although length of time for skin brightening depends on the individual’s skin color, research has shown benefits for oral supplementation in as little as four weeks (Arjinpathana & Asawanonda, 2012). One study saw benefits in six weeks when applied topically (Duperray et al., 2022). Another clinical trial showed results in eight weeks when taken both orally and topically (Wahab et al., 2021). Research has shown that oral supplementation increased the body’s glutathione stores in one week (Sinha et al., 2018), but how long it takes to feel better varies based on the individual’s health status.

In summary, glutathione is the body’s most potent antioxidant and detoxifier, and becomes depleted in everyone at some point in our lives. The good news is you can improve your body’s natural production of glutathione through nutrient-dense foods, physical activity, getting good quality sleep, and managing stress levels. In today’s fast-paced world full of environmental toxins, depleting glutathione stores can be unavoidable, which is where our supplements come to the rescue. More glutathione means not just improved longevity but also a better quality of life.
This blog is intended for educational purposes. Be sure to consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements.


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