What to Give Trick-or-Treaters

What to Give Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween Trick or Treat Healthy Options

Fall is here and October is halfway done, but Halloween is still to come….

Trick-or-treaters will be knocking on doors for eats …

So I thought it would be a good idea to share some healthier, alternative treats.

  1. Giving out non-food items: Some suggestions can be play-doh, bubbles, crayons, mini coloring books or other small trinkets.

    If you go with the non-food item, we suggest putting a teal pumpkin on your front porch.  The teal pumpkin project is used to raise awareness for severe food allergies. It promotes inclusion by offering children with severe food allergies a place where they can participate in Trick-or-Treating

  2. Justin Nut Butters: these come in individual squeeze pouches, you can choose between almond nut butters and hazelnut butters. There are different flavored butters as well.
  3. Natural Fruit Leathers: these could be used to replace “fruit snacks” like fruit roll ups and fruit gummies.
  4. Local Honey Sticks: these could replace taffy and lollipops.
  5. Justin’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups: Use these instead of Reese’s Cups
  6. UnReal Chocolate Snacks: delicious chocolate without all the bad. Use these to replace other chocolate candies.

Shhhh! These alternatives are so good, the kids won’t even know they are better for them!