Supplemental Support to Kick the Stress Goodbye!

Supplemental Support to Kick the Stress Goodbye!

supplemental support

Supplemental Support to Kick the Stress Goodbye!

The holiday season may be one of the most cheerful and joyous times of the year, with family gatherings, celebrations, food and fun, however, many find themselves in an overwhelming state of stress. We here at Living Health Integrative Medicine want you to be as informed as possible - take a look at a few of our suggestions!

Last week we dove into various foods that may easily be added into your daily meals, all helping in decreasing added stress and anxiety. This week, we’re focusing on a few beneficial supplements that are a key part in helping combat the bodies stress response, promote relaxation and calmness.

Corticalm– This product contains ingredients that will help your body resist and recover from the effects of stress. Components of this multifunctional formula such as Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Banaba Leaf Extract, and Maral Extract have been shown to support healthy cortisol levels, help alleviate occasional fatigue, promote mental clarity, and support relaxation and restful sleep. Recommended dosage is about 1 capsule 2x/day.

Neurocalm– This supplement aims at supporting an overall calm, relaxed, well-balanced emotional and physiological state. It contains a blend of ingredients that supports the body’s natural production of catecholamines, as well as the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. Add a scoop of the cherry flavored powder to about 6-12 oz of water and enjoy prior to bed or throughout the day for a more overall relaxed state.

Adapto Max– Adapto Max is beneficial on managing the impact of stress on the body, while supporting the body’s ability to respond to stress. This product contains various phytonutrients and plant enzymes such as panax ginseng, ashwagandha, holy basil, cellulose, and peptidase, along with vitamin C. When combined these ingredients support both physical and mental functionality. Recommended dosage is 1 capsule 3x/day.

Adding in these few extra supplements will help making your way through the crowds, handling family functions, and finishing up that last minute shopping much more manageable and maybe even enjoyable!

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