10 Signs Of a “Wannabe” Healthier Patient

10 Signs Of a “Wannabe” Healthier Patient

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Every month I sit with hundreds of patients that have goals to get healthier. Goals like have more energy, lose weight, reduce and eliminate having to take medications and maintaining an overall high quality of life.

But I’ve learned over the years that there is a separation between the “Wanna Be” healthier crowd and the “Whatever It Takes” to be healthier group.

The “Wanna Be” healthier group is hooked on the idea of being healthier, but in reality they don’t have what it takes to turn the dream into reality.

The “Wanna Be’s” use words like “try” and “I think”. “Whatever It Takes” use words like “I will” and “absolutely”.
During my initial meeting and consultation there are some tell tale signs that there is a “Wanna Be” sitting in front of me. I made a checklist last week that distinguishes the “Wanna Be’s” from the “Whatever It Takes”. How many of these boxes can you check?

1) “Wanna Be’s” obsess about ideas and dreams. “Whatever It Takes” obsess about actions and results.

2) “Wanna Be’s” focus on losing weight and looking better. “Whatever It Takes” focuses on being as healthy as possible and functioning at a high level.

3) “Wanna Be’s” listen to and many times are sabotaged by “friends”, family and people around them (even their doctor). “Whatever It Takes” are strong willed and set an example for those around them.

4) “Wanna Be’s” want the perfect plan that fits their life. “Whatever It Takes” executes the plan that is customized for them and makes their life fit into this plan.

5) “Wanna Be’s” are hoping and waiting for that quick fix health pill. They buy the latest and greatest product promoted on infomercials and blindly take pills handed out by their doctor. “Whatever It Takes” knows its not going to be easy but as long as they take responsibility for their health and continue to follow through with a personalized plan eventually they’ll reach the target.

6) “Wanna Be’s” think that health is something you achieve and then stop working to maintain. “Whatever It Takes” knows that once the goals are achieve then there is still more execution to do to maintain.

7) “Wanna Be’s” believe what “everyone else is saying”. “Whatever It Takes” does their own research and makes their own decisions.

8) “Wanna Be’s” think about their health as what could and should be. “Whatever It Takes” think in terms of what is and can be.

9) “Wanna Be’s” think that those around them that are healthy are blessed with good health and think “Why can’t I be like them?”. “Whatever It Takes” know that it takes discipline, will power and decisions that promote a healthier life. They look to healthier people for advice because they know that success leaves clues.

10) “Wanna Be’s” think that getting healthier is an event, is just happens. “Whatever It Takes” knows that it’s a process that is going to take time. Poor health doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not corrected overnight.

How many boxes did you check? Which one are you?

If you answered “Wanna Be” then you have two choices. One, keep doing and thinking what you’ve always done and you will keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten. Or you can recognize how your thoughts, attitude, actions and viewpoint is sabotaging your success and begin to make changes.

Are you ready to get serious and make a change? Are you ready to start living the healthy life you dream of and wish you had? YOU CAN HAVE THAT HEALTHIER LIFE!

This is where truly being healthy starts. If this was helpful or if you need help or have questions let me know. Start taking the “Whatever It Takes” approach today!

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