Fluoride Linked To Increased Risk of Diabetes

Fluoride Linked To Increased Risk of Diabetes

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We have all been told for many years that fluoride in the water, toothpaste and other sources will help prevent tooth decay. According to research fluoride apparently is not improving rates of tooth decay but shows that there are toxic effects to fluoride.

The research shows that fluoride may act as a neurotoxin increasing the risk of diabetes and lowering IQ. Dr. Mercola recently published a great article that I’d like to share and urge you to read. The article outlines the research and the toxic effects to your health.

Must read article detailing all of this is here.

Fluoride is not just found in our public water supply, but also in antibiotics and pesticides, another great reason to avoid all of these if possible.
According to the Fluoride Action Network ( www.fluoridealert.org )

“Due to its high toxicity, fluoride has long been used as a pesticide.”

This is why you MUST consume only organic produce whenever possible. If it’s a pesticide to insects, it’s a pesticide to us!

It’s imperative that you avoid drinking, and where possible bathing in, fluoridated (and chlorinated) water. We recommend travelling with portable water bottles that have filters that filter out fluoride, chlorine and arsenic. An easy one to travel with can be found at www.clearlyfiltered.com. You can also buy affordably priced whole-house filtration systems that filter out fluoride, arsenic, and chlorine at www.afwfilters.com.

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