Tips to Dummy Proof Your Life

Tips to Dummy Proof Your Life

tips to dummy proof your life in annapolis md

One of the most common challenges that patients face when doing any program is how to incorporate changes with a busy schedule. For this post, I will give you an inside peek into a nutritionist’s life and show you how I set myself up for success with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For me, mornings are typically the time of day when I have the least amount of time to get everything done, and when my patients seem to have to hardest time with staying on plan. To do everything in my routine before I need to get to work I must make sure I am prepped in advance or the night before so the morning, and the rest of my day, can run smoothly. Below are a few ways I “dummy proof” my day.


There are a few liposomal supplements like our Glutathione that are best taken on an empty stomach so they need to be taken first for optimal absorption. Those supplements also tend to need refrigeration and my kitchen is on a different level of my house than my bedroom. To make sure I don’t forget to take them first I put a small fridge (like this) next to my bed so that I can take them as soon as I wake up.

SupplementsAnother thing I do to is I set a small bowl next to my Berkey water filter with my morning supplements out the night before. It’s ready to go and right next to the water. I also have a small basket on the counter with a few items that I use frequently, like my powders and pellets of Monolaurin. If they are visible instead of in the cabinet then more likely to take them.


Another great tip for compliance is to pre-portion dosages of your daily supplements for a few days in advance so you don’t have to worry about prepping it every day or taking extra time to open every container each time. I have found that my dosages don’t fit in a typical pill box so I invested in little boxes from the local office supply store and most recently created an upgraded glass version using little jars and a box with dividers from Ikea. The basic idea is to prepare ahead of time so any container or even a snack baggie will work.

My next tip can be helpful for your morning routine or when you need a quick easy meal or snack on the go or when traveling if you aren’t able to bring the full container with you. I portion out a dosage of protein powder (like this) into little baggies, and then place inside of a shaker bottle so everything is together and so the bag doesn’t leak protein powder inside of my purse. All I need to do is add liquid and mix when I’m ready to consume.

ProteinLast, but not least, to make sure that I consume my daily water requirement of half my body weight in ounces I fill 2 glass bottles with water and put them in the refrigerator because I enjoy my water cold. My bottles are 34 ounces so I know that I need to drink 2-3 bottles a day to hit my goal and it helps me to track my daily intake.

WaterI hope these tips will be helpful in keeping you on track towards reaching your goals and feel free to share creative ways that you keep yourself on plan.