Let’s Talk Gut Health!

Let’s Talk Gut Health!

woman placing hands on her tummy

The gastrointestinal tract is the region of our body that acts as our barrier system to the outside world. Lining the GI tract are mucosal cells that function to absorb nutrients and protect us from any bacteria and foreign invaders. Within these mucosal cells, which are held together with bridge-like structure called tight junctions, lies approximately 85% of our immune system. These tight junction can break, just as bridges do, from factors such as poor diet, and environmental stress factors and triggers, such as pathogens and toxins. When this occurs, we get what is called leaky gut.

Wait, did I just say 85% of our immune system lies in the GI tract?! Yep, I sure did! So then if the majority of the immune system lies in the gut, wouldn’t it be important to make sure we have a healthy gut so we stay healthy?! I would think so!

Now knowing a little bit about the GI tract, let’s talk about a few ways to start getting the gut healthy!

1) Dietary Plan: First step is to remove the top foods that cause inflammation which are gluten, dairy, and soy. Second, remove foods that cause any discomfort in your body. You should never feel bloated (unless menstruating) or have gas…this is common, but not normal. If you consume a food and this happens, take it out. Lastly, taking a food sensitivity test would a great way to rule out any foods that are causing an immune reaction.
2) Digestive Enzymes: If foods we eat are not properly broken down into smaller peptides, the large compounds may be recognized as a foreign and cause a disruption within the mucosal cells, leading to leaky gut. It’s important then that our body is properly breaking down the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. A broad spectrum digestive enzyme containing, protease, amylase, lipase, sucrase, phytase, pectinate, cellulase, lactase, galactosidase, and glycoamylase will help support the complete digestive process.
3) Mucosal Support: As previously mentioned, mucosal cells are the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract and act as a barrier from the external world. L-glutamine is one of the main players in helping to keep these cells healthy and tightly bound.
4) Healthy Microbial Environment: Various strains of probiotics help keep a healthy microbial environment in the gut, which has shown to contribute to overall gut health.

Also, don’t forget to always listen to your body. Your body has a way of telling you what it likes and what it doesn’t like, and there’s usually always a reason as to why!

Try these home-made gummies, they may help with gut health improvement.