Benefits of Cold Laser

Benefits of Cold Laser

woman holding her neck

One of the newest and most cutting edge technologies being used in conservative health care today is low-level lasers or “cold laser”. At Living Health Integrative Medicine, we utilize this technology to treat a variety of conditions. The biggest benefit of these cold lasers is they are non-invasive, but can penetrate the skin and treat soft tissues injuries without the use of costly and painful surgery.

The cold laser works by using photon energy to stimulate the metabolism of the cells, thus promoting ATP and collagen production; which helps add strength and stability to the tissue or joint. The cold laser also helps increase blood flow locally to the area being treated which assists to decrease healing time. The cold laser can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. Also, since the photon energy can penetrate below the skin, it can treat a number of tissues including tendons, ligaments, disc injuries, cartilage damage, and nerve damage.

In our office, this technology has been proven to be very helpful in treating chronic conditions that have caused patients pain for years. These conditions include old sports injuries, chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain, tendonitis, and even headaches. The cold laser is also extremely helpful in treating acute injuries. For example, a sprained ankle or knee is a common condition we see in our active populations. Treatment of these injuries early in the healing process with cold laser will help decrease inflammation and swelling, decrease pain, and increase healing of the ligaments and tendons to get the patient back on the field or in the gym quicker then conventional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).

If you have tried numerous treatments for your chronic condition with little relief, consider the use of cold laser. It may be just the energy needed to finally get relief. Also if you experience an acute injury, remember cold laser can be utilized to get you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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