Jillian’s Detox Journey – Day 21

Jillian’s Detox Journey – Day 21

jillians detox journey

Jillian's Detox Journey

Today is the 21st day of my detox. I’ve lost a total of 9.5lbs and 5 inches in only 21 days! Keep in mind; all of this has come without any exercise. I feel healthier, have more energy, and have the motivation to keep this progress going.

My final measurements are:

  • Weight: 173.5 – 9.5lbs lost!
  • Bicep: 13”
  • Chest: 39” – .5” lost!
  • Waist: 30.75” – 2.25” lost!
  • Belly Button: 37” – 1” lost!
  • Hips: 45” – .5” lost!
  • Thigh: 24.25” – .25” lost!
  • Calf: 15.25” – .5” lost!
  • BMI: 29.8 – down 1.6!

I am beyond proud of all that I have accomplished. My BMI has dropped below 30, which is a huge step in getting it back down into a healthy range (which was one of my main goals going into this). I look forward to continuing my journey from here, as my success has been too good not to. I plan to continue having my morning paleo shakes, to help curb my appetite throughout the day, as well as making cleaner options while eating.

The 21-Day Paleo Detox was easy to understand and simple to execute. I would not be on the path I currently am now, without the jump-start that it gave me. The shakes were perfect for on-the-go, as they were all individually packaged ad easy to carry around. They way that everything in the detox is prepared set me up for success!

Have you been able to make the progress on your 2018 weight loss resolution you had hoped for? If you are still looking for that kick-start, I would highly recommend the 21-Day Paleo Detox. 

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