Jillian’s Detox Journey – Day 15

Jillian’s Detox Journey – Day 15

day 15 detox

Jillian’s Detox Journey – Day 15

As I enter the last week of the 21-Day Paleo Detox, I find myself reflecting on what I feel I’ve gained from it so far (aside from the weight loss). I began this detox not knowing what to expect, but everything fell into place so easily! It would be impossible for me to effectively stress how SIMPLE the whole process has been. Minimal effort – big rewards!

Things the 21-Day Paleo Detox has taught me:

  • I am capable of overcoming challenges and changes to my daily habits successfully, helping me take small steps to a healthier lifestyle
  • I can feel refreshed and ready to go after 7 hours of sleep – no caffeine needed!
    Having an support system is key to your success in any endeavor

Bad Habits I Had, That the Detox Already Kicked:

  • Daily caffeine – I would have at least two cups of coffee a day, now I feel no need for it at all
  • Water Consumption – I have NEVER been one to drink enough water, and am now in the habit of drinking it throughout the day
  • Eating Lunch Out – I now wake up in the morning, and prepare my day ahead of time. This has also been saving me money!

I had been debating doing the 21-Day Paleo Detox for almost a year prior to starting. I always managed to find a reason to convince myself I didn’t have the time, or that I wouldn’t be successful. If I could change one thing, it would be my choice to wait.

Don’t make the same mistake I did; don’t convince yourself another time would be better. There is no day better than today to give your health a fresh start.

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