Breakthrough Treatment For Men That Treats The Root Cause Of Sexual Dysfunction, The GAINSWave Program

Breakthrough Treatment For Men That Treats The Root Cause Of Sexual Dysfunction, The GAINSWave Program

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One of our purposes at Living Health Integrative Medicine is to provide holistic services and treatments to our patients to help them live higher quality lives. We see patients each and every day reduce and eliminate the need for medications and prevent surgeries by treating the cause(s) of their condition instead of just treating symptoms. What I’m about to talk about may be literally one of the most remarkable treatments that we’ve brought to Living Health to help our patients achieve optimal function.

Now, don’t get me wrong…reversing diabetes, autoimmune disease, neuropathy and many other chronic ‘incurable’ diseases is a truly amazing feat that we do not take lightly here at Living Health. Every day we’re getting results that most doctors don’t think are even possible….and our patients LOVE to prove them wrong!

BUT, our next treatment addition is literally EPIC!

Let me back up a moment to pre-frame this. One of the most common complaints of our male patients that come to us for diabetes reversal, neuropathy and a host of other medical conditions (ladies, listen up too!) is Erectile Dysfunction.

While this is a common occurrence with aging, it is exacerbated by diabetes and nerve damage (think damaged, calcified blood vessels and thick, sugary blood and nerve damage as a result).

Everyone has heard of the ‘little blue pill’ and many of our patients are spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket every month to be able to satisfy their partners in the bedroom and keep the romance alive…all while oftentimes having to deal with unpleasant side effects like dizziness, headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain and abnormal vision.

Erectile Dysfunction Is An Early Predictor Of Cardiovascular Disease
Research shows that ED is a predictor of both Cardiovascular Disease, as well as Alzheimer’s Disease.1 This means that ED not only a medical condition, but an indication of much more serious medical issues!

If ED gets serious enough to the point of not being able to have intercourse at all, this can also lead to a higher incidence of prostate cancer. Research shows that regular ejaculation is correlated with lower incidence of prostate cancer.2

And for many of our male patients, ED is a source of frustration and tension within their personal relationships, often affecting their partnerships in an unfortunate way. This has lead to some of our patients to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Dr. Tom and I regularly fly out to Global Anti-Aging Forums so we can keep up with the latest, most innovative, non-invasive ‘natural’ medical treatments out there. We were very excited to learn about a Natural, Non-invasive treatment protocol for erectile dysfunction that has been Medically Proven to (3,4,5):

  • Improve erectile function
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Improve ability to engage in sexual activity
  • Improve quality and fullness of erection
  • Result in patients who respond better to Viagra or Cialis, OR are able to stop the medications altogether

GAINSWave Treatment In Annapolis Maryland
We’re proud to be one of only a handful of medical offices that are implementing GAINSWave protocols within the United States, and currently the ONLY medical office in Maryland offering GAINSWave protocols.

Brought to our country less than a year ago, this therapy has been performed in countries all over the world for many years and is backed by over 50 published medical studies! GAINSWave Therapy uses a form of ‘shockwave’ therapy. By introducing acoustic waves of a specific frequency and wavelength along the targeted area, shockwave therapy stimulates the healing of already existing blood vessels, as well as the GROWTH OF BRAND NEW BLOOD VESSELS.

I told you this was EPIC! No other treatment does this!

Our medical doctor, Dr. Ginnan, and I flew to the GAINSWave headquarters to learn how the deliver the protocols. Being able to perform the treatment on the clinic’s patients, along with being able to chat with them about their amazing results, we knew that this was going to be something that our patients needed and wanted.

We also know that this therapy can be enhanced, especially in cases of nerve damage relating to prostate cancer therapy and prostate removal, with our STEM CELL regenerative injection protocols. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections delivered in concert with the GAINSWave has proven to deliver even better results, especially for the most serious cases.

GAINSWave therapy is a breakthrough treatment for men seeking optimal sexual function and performance.

For more information, visit our E.D Services page or visit the GAINSWave website

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