Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass

beet kvass

In March we are entering into spring and warmer temperatures, but with the warmth also brings the beginning of spring allergies and a rise in tree pollen and molds. To battle those sneezes and sniffles we’re sharing a drink recipe this month that will help boost immune system, gut health, as well as antioxidants & nutrients.

This fermented beverage is a good source of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that can prevent and remedy allergies as well as keep the gut and immune system strong. Beets are a power food that promote liver and gallbladder health and are also high in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help to lower histamine levels associated with allergies as well as improving immune function. Apples are included for their high levels of quercetin, a flavonoid which is commonly used for allergies due to its anti-histamine effect and ginger is used for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as to flavor the beverage.


Course - Beverage

Servings - 4


  • 2-3 organic beets chopped into small cubes
  • 1 organic apple chopped
  • 1 Tbsp Ginger grated
  • 1 1/2 Tspn Sea salt
  • filtered water


  1. Clean and chop the beets, apples and ginger.

  2. Place the beets, apples, and ginger in the bottom of a clean quart size mason jar and press down firmly.

  3. Make a brine by dissolving the sea salt into filtered water.

  4. Pour the brine over the mixture leaving about 1 inch of headspace in the jar.
  5. Cover the jar tightly.

  6. Ferment at room temperature for 3-5 days or until bubbles or fizz start to form.

  7. Once fermented to your desired taste, strain the beet mixture, refrigerate the kvass and enjoy within 1 month.

Recipe Notes

To speed up the fermentation process culture starter: sauerkraut juice, or whey may be added.

Chiropractor Annapolis MD Dr. Thomas A. Chaney

Recipe by Dr. Thomas A. Chaney