Recent Type 2 Diabetes Research

Recent Type 2 Diabetes Research

diabetes research

Dr. Tom Discusses Recently Published Type 2 Diabetes Research

There are many common questions that patients ask me here at Living Health Integrative Medicine. I would like to answer two of them in a short video/blog.

1.) What are the side effects to my medications?
2.) Once you help me reverse my type 2 diabetes, can I maintain the reversal?

In this video I discuss and answer these two questions by reviewing two recently published papers. The first paper discusses a common risk and potential side effects to a commonly prescribed class of Type 2 Diabetes drugs. The second paper discusses long term maintenance of Type 2 Diabetes. Check out the video and give me your feedback. If you have other questions you would like me to answer, let me know.


Wondering how to maintain your Type II Diabetes reversal?

According to, a new study from Newcastle University has shown that people who reverse their type 2 diabetes can remain free of diabetes. In addition, the team found that even patients who have had Type 2 diabetes for up to 10 years can reverse their condition. Read more.

Study shows medications may exhaust pancreas…

On, Dr. Per­Olof Berggren, Ph.D. states that “long­term use of liraglutide, a substance that helps to lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, can have a deteriorating effect on insulin ­producing beta cells, leading to an increase in blood sugar levels.” Liraglutide is used in Victoza and Saxenda. Read more.

Understanding Diabetes improves longevity, learn more here

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