Slow Aging and Degeneration

Slow Aging and Degeneration

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The human body takes on a considerable amount of strain which can lead to improper balance between the body and gravity. This imbalance and/or distortion of posture, more often than not, indicate internal body changes long before any body functions appear disturbed.

All parts of the body are designed to work in a cohesive unit with gravity. Typical posture distortions can lead to crowding of the lungs and heart, sagging abdominal muscles, and muscles which are constantly fighting the pull of gravity. This results in movement of the diaphragm often being hindered, and, in turn, decreasing the amount of air taken into the lungs, requiring the heart to work harder to pump the blood. It is no wonder why so many people suffer from a myriad of medical problems. People are getting older before their time. It has been said that, “Posture is more a determiner of age than years.” Proper posture is achieved by correcting the internal strains which are the cause of many health problems.

Some causes of posture distortions are stresses and strains. Stresses are pressures that the body is subjected to which push the system beyond its normal limits. Usually with rest the body can return to normal. Strains occur when the body is pushed beyond its “elastic limit”. This can lead to the function and tone of muscles and organs being damaged, resulting in permanent changes of the tissue. The body cannot recover from strains without help.

Oftentimes, strains can be found in the sacrum. The sacrum carries the body’s normal center of balance and supports the whole spine. The sacrum is connected to the rest of the body by a system of eight major muscles. Due to the balancing function of the sacrum, any strain to it can distort normal body posture. When this happens, positions of all organs change and they are placed under strain. This is a critical factor in almost all diseases.

Analyzing a person’s posture and then correcting the distortions can release the internal strain on the body. This can slow the degeneration of health even before symptoms appear.