Low Back Pain Alternatives? An Annapolis Chiropractor Explains

Low Back Pain Alternatives? An Annapolis Chiropractor Explains

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Low back pain is an incredibly difficult malady to manage on your own. Eight out of ten adults suffer from this affliction and seek out medical attention. Fitness trainers and exercise gurus offer conflicting advice and which can cause more confusion. Back pain myths have proliferated over the years and are even on the Internet. These misleading ideas only obscure the issue further.

Annapolis Chiropractors have continued to expose the myths surrounding low back pain in an effort to educate the public. Many of us here in Maryland have worked diligently to promote information on back pain and help the public explore valid alternatives for relief. Injury to the lumbar region can be difficult to recover from without proper guidance and therapy. Your local doctor or even Annapolis chiropractors can determine if you need to have x-rays done based on close examination. We have found that many reasons for back pain are structural and functional in nature. There are usually multiple reasons for having back pain. For instance, standing or sitting for hours with improper posture or lifting and stretching the wrong way can lead to back pain. Annapolis Chiropractors will offer physical therapy, spinal adjustments, proper stretching, traction, exercise,soft tissue therapy/massage and other natural remedies.

Back pain is not one singular malady; there is a wide variety of issues from strained muscles to herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, osteoporosis, obesity. In the past, medical doctors prescribed extended bed rest and even surgery for low back pain.

Research has shown conclusively that extended bed rest can exacerbate the cause and be more harm than good in many instances. Gentle stretching and stimulation of the muscles work with other chiropractic and physical therapy measures to relieve the afflicted area gradually. A certain amount of rest is necessary to avoid placing too much stress on the lower back.

You will still need to address the core-

Many chiropractors in Annapolis specialize in therapies for specific areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, sports and nutritional therapy. Strengthen the abdominal muscles gradually in the front as well asthe collection of small muscles in the back around the lumbar region. Chiropractors relieve back injuries with cold therapy, heat therapy, electric stimulation therapy and other disciplines as well.

The overall cost of healing is actually lower for chiropractic care than many other medical specialties. As ongoing therapy trains you to avoid the past, practices that contribute to back pain, you will find long lasting relief and increased strength from your core exercises. This allows you to work with your body for optimal health and fitness. A weak core can lead to injury from the most unlikely activities; people have been known to “throw their back out” from a simple stress test in the doctor’s office.

Chiropractic in Maryland –

If you are a “baby boomer” you are more likely to visit your local Annapolis chiropractor for preventative care. Boomers are educated consumers who are concerned about health care prices as well as efficacy of treatment. Take the time to research pain management systems for low back pain and see for yourself how chiropractic treatments stack up against other methods.