Kelly’s Detox Journey – Day 1: The Before!

Kelly’s Detox Journey – Day 1: The Before!

kellys detox journey

Kelly’s Detox Journey – Day 1: The Before!

Hi, my name is Kelly. I’m a student, I work full-time and most importantly I’m a mom to a five year old son. In 2015 with such a busy schedule, unfortunately my health took a back seat. My eating habits were not the best and I did not exercise- that lifestyle shows by me gaining 25 pounds!

In 2016 I knew I had to do something that would help me lose weight, gain more energy and improve my health to keep up my pace of being in nursing school, working and being a mom.

That Is When I Decided To Do the 21 Day Living Health Paleo Detox.

I thought publishing my health journey this month would further incentivize me to follow the detox as best as I can as I will be posting my measurement every week.

I have looked at other detoxes but what really attracted me to this was its all natural, paleo and I’m not putting a lot of chemicals into my body. I feel like its going to help my body working on a more natural level.

I was really excited when it arrived because it came with an instruction book that was very thin (not overwhelming) and clearly explained. The guide has a lot of menu ideas. With such a busy schedule I was relieved to see the shakes and supplements are already prepped so I can grab and go without having to measure and scoop out a certain amount! I have tried a lot of plans and exercise programs that were so complicated. So again I’m excited because not only is it natural but it seems pretty easy to follow!

Here are my day 1 measurements:

  • 172 Pounds
  • 5 ft 4 inches
  • Waist- 38 inches
  • Belly- 41.5 inches
  • Hips- 41.75 inches
  • Arms- 13 inches right arm, 14 inches left arm
  • Left and Right Legs- 24 inches

Stay tuned to hear all about my results!!!