Kelly’s Detox Journey – Day 7

Kelly’s Detox Journey – Day 7

kelly day 7

Kelly’s Detox Journey Day 7!

My first week is done and it was A LOT easier than I thought it was going to be. I thought I was going to be starving all day long and I wasn’t! Over the past couple of nights I got a little hungry but it always passes.

The one thing I am so excited about is my energy. Before the detox I had roller coaster waves of energy. I would get some highs and then feel like I could fall asleep at my desk or I would get home from work and be way too tired to play with my son. My energy during the detox has been an even stream. I don’t think I can remember ever feeling this even stream of energy before starting the detox program here at Integrative Living Health Integrative Medicine.

Ironically, I have also been enjoying food more. Having the shakes in the morning and night really allows me to concentrate on that one glorious and nutritious meal! The guide provides really great recipes that have been easy for me to follow. Obviously I love the way it has made me feel and my new found energy but losing four pounds and 11.25 inches has been amazing!

I’m not having my nightly sugar cravings- they have disappeared! Before the detox I would have to eat something sugary every night. My go-to’s were Nestle Crunch Bars and chocolate chip cookies. The succinct amount of time it has taken me to get over those desserts is amazing!

I am looking forward to continuing this next coming week! If you missed my Day 1 update, you can read it here.

If you want the detox, here is the link.

Here are my day 1 measurements:

  • 172 Pounds
  • 5 ft 4 inches
  • Waist- 38 inches
  • Belly- 41.5 inches
  • Hips- 41.75 inches
  • Arms- 13 inches right arm, 14 inches left arm
  • Left and Right Legs- 24 inches

Here are my day 7 measurements:

  • 168 Pounds -> 4 pounds lost!
  • Waist- 35.5 inches-> 2.5 inches lost!
  • Belly- 38 inches-> 3.5 inches lost!
  • Hips- 40.5 inches-> 1.25 inches lost!
  • Arms- 13 inches right arm-> same 13 inches left arm-> 1 inch lost!
  • Legs- 22 inches left-> 2 inches lost! 23 inches right-> 1 inch lost

That’s a total of 4 pounds and 11.25 inches LOST IN ONE WEEK.