How To Optimize and Troubleshoot Your Sleep

how to help you optimize and troubleshoot your sleep

Chiropractic Annapolis MD Sleeping Woman

In this episode of Living Health LIVE Drs. Steph and Tom discuss how to help you optimize and troubleshoot your sleep.

The Episode Includes:

  • Is sleep really important?
  • What are the stages of sleep?
  • What are the main sleep issues?
  • How to troubleshoot getting to sleep
  • How to troubleshoot staying asleep
  • How to improve your quality of sleep
  • Nutrients and Supplements to Improve your sleep

Here is the link to Living Health Market to find all the nutrients discussed:

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Downloadable Handouts

Please download the handouts below for more information regarding optimizing & troubleshooting your sleep. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team today.