Get Healthy & Stay Healthy!

Get Healthy & Stay Healthy!

Healthy Green Drink

The New Year always brings new inspiration to choose better health but how?

Here at Living Health Integrative Medicine we have a plan for you to get healthy and stay healthy.  Want more energy?  Want to think clearly?  Want better digestion and absorption of your food?  Want a better quality of life?

Here are our resolutions to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for life:

1. Steph’s Plate Rule for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  1. 50%-75% Organic Greens/Veggies
  2. 25% Good Quality Protein (Grass Fed and Finished, Non GMO, Free Range, Wild Caught, Organic)
  3. 0-25% Starchy Vegetables or Gluten Free Grain
  4. All covered in @2oz. of healthy fat (ex. Olive oil, coconut oil salad dressing)
  5. Optional Breakfast Shake:
  • A serving of healthy fats (ex. avocado, fish oil, chia seeds, MCT/SCT oil)

2. Eliminate harmful and toxic food products for quicker and better success.

  • Sugar
    1. Read labels and look for 5g or less per serving.
    2. Iced Tea and sugary drinks and sodas add pounds quickly
    3. No Artificial Sweeteners
      1. These are toxic
      2. Cause you to increase weight, increase depression and increases diabetes
      3. **Replace sugar with pure Monk Fruit (Lo Han) or pure Stevia
  • Eliminate all grains including rice, oats, wheat and corn.
    1. These generally increase inflammation in the body
    2. Increases Brain Fog
    3. Decrease Energy
    4. Increase Weight Gain
  • Processed foods, meats and baked goods have high amounts of preservatives, toxic processing methods and depleted nutrients.
  • Cut out all battered and deep fried foods to help reduce unhealthy fat consumption.
  • Let your body get clear of all caffeine and alcohol. Flush your body with clean water.  Hot herbal teas are an alternative to coffee.

3. Supplement with the Basics. We all need nutritional support.

  1. A good Multivitamin with Minerals
  2. Omega-3 Fish Oil
  3. Vitamin D3
  4. Ubiquinol, the Active form of CoQ10

4. Test We need a gauge of where we are and where we need to go.  These tests give you information to help guide your daily choices.

  1. Complete Blood Work with Vitamin D and Functional Blood Panel
  2. Organic Acid Test and Micronutrient test to check for intestinal infections, mitochondrial health, detoxification pathways, your Vitamin C levels, Ubiquinol, Vitamin B’s and Micronutrient level. Tests are completed with urine and blood
  3. Food Reactivity/Sensitivity Testing will tell you which foods you may have an inflammatory reaction to and can lead to other health problems. This test is completed through blood.

The Best way to Jump Start your new health journey is with the 21 Day Paleo Detox Kit!

This kit contains:

  • All the supplements you need in daily packets.
  • All the Shakes with multi-vitamin and multi-minerals (2 Shakes a Day)
  • Booklet with instructions and what to eat.

Living Health Paleo Detox is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and e­ffective detoxification.  Everything you need is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that you don’t miss any necessary nutrients.  Just take one drink mix packet combined with water and one capsule packet twice per day. Add the simple food plan from the guide book (included in the box) and you’re on your way to more energy and a long list of health benefits!


Living Health Paleo Detox

A Great Easy Way To Get All You Need!

For more information call our office at 410-216-9180 or to order the 21- Day Paleo Detox click Here!

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