Drs. Steph and Tom Chaney Appear On Great Day Washington

Drs. Steph and Tom Chaney Appear On Great Day Washington

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Drs. Chaney from Living Health Integrative Medicine spoke to Chris and Markette on Great Day Washington about Type 2 Diabetes solutions.

This appearance included special guest and patient at Living Health Integrative Medicine Mr. Norman Wallace. Mr. Wallace discussed his treatment before Living Health which included insulin injections multiple times a day and several other medications. His HbA1C was an uncontrolled 10.5% on these medications and he was frustrated with not getting results from his treatment. He wanted to find a way that he did not have to live with diabetes, he wanted to eliminate diabetes.

Mr. Wallace heard a radio segment promoting an upcoming Type 2 Diabetes Solutions Seminar, delivered by Drs. Chaney, so he called and registered. Once he attended he came to the office for a follow up visit and was accepted into the program.

Mr. Wallace then received comprehensive testing and analysis to look for the underlying causes of his health conditions. Then an individualized care plan was put together to correct the metabolic imbalances that the testing revealed. Some of the treatments included nutritional changes, lifestyle changes and natural supplements.

Once the treatment was started it was only a matter of months before Mr. Wallace had his insulin eliminated, one blood pressure pill eliminated and another blood pressure medication was cut in half. And his HbA1C went from 10.5% to 5.1%.

If you are interested in learning more about Drs. Chaney’s Type 2 Diabetes program call 1-888- 514-4771 or click here.

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