COVID-19 Webinar - Integrative Strategies To Stay Healthy - PART 3


Did you miss PART 3 of the COVID-19 Webinar Series? Dr. Steph gives insight into the current COVID-19 Pandemic. She explains the strategies she has implemented to stay healthy and answers many of the questions that patients have been asking.

You will learn even more advanced integrative strategies to stay healthy during the pandemic. Plus, she will expand on some the key areas that you should be focusing on to get and stay healthy.

COVID-19 Webinar PART 3: Here are some of the topics:

  • Latest Research on Conventional, Integrative and Holistic Medical Therapies to Fight Infection
  • The 3 most mentioned integrative strategies in the fight against COVID-19
  • Strategies to be proactive during a pandemic
  • Q & A with Dr. Steph

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