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Mike Fillinich: A Regenerative Medicine Success Story

Mike Fillinich: A Regenerative Medicine Success Story

A few weeks ago, Dr. Steph sat down with one of our patients: Mike Fillinich and they discussed the success that Mr. Fillinich has had after moving forward with the Regenerative Medicine protocol created for him. Mr. Fillinich has been a patient here for about 8 months and has seen results in his decision to move forward with the injections recommended and in his diabetes program.

Below is a part of Mr. Fillinich’s testimonial interview:

Dr Steph:  We do regenerative joint injections in our office using stem cell therapy in the office and that was recommended …

MF: It was on Dec 28th that I had the injections and I have to say that certainly within minutes I felt relief. Subsequently to that, I did an awful lot of additional therapy on that as part of the routine and the protocol but within two weeks I was able to walk down the stairs with out any pain.

Dr Steph: Isn’t it nice, not have to think while walking down the stairs?

MF: Right, absolutely. I also got explanations from Dr Andrew as to why it was that I constantly turned my ankle and I was very appreciative of that.  The actual process I came in on a Saturday, no it was a Thursday and the Dr. injected me and he did multiple injections, not only underneath the knee cap but subsequently around to build up the muscle in that area. The really cool thing is he also did my other knee. I have to say I had subsequent x-rays about two months later with Dr. Andrew which indicated that there was definitely space between the bones and they were rubbing together before

Dr. Steph: So you were bone on bone?

MF: I was bone on bone and now I have space in that area.

Dr. Steph: And now you have space, like magic which means to us you have likely grown cartilage in the area and the cushioning has come back

MF: Absolutely

Dr. Steph Excellent. So now, we are at about 6 - 8 months later how are you doing in far as the knee, exercise?

MF: I have started back with my personal trainer and she is very enthusiastic about this … We have done a number of exercises that she has put me on to, to strengthen the area in addition to what I have been doing with Dr. Andrew. So, I’ve been able to walk, in fact take long walks I regularly walk a 2.6 mile circle around my home. I live near a park and that has been great, especially in the summer time. I just came back from vacation and I had absolutely no issue at all moving luggage and other things I’ve had to move. Running on the beach, not a problem and so yeah it has all been great ever since then. In addition to that because of  that fear of pain I have no problem doing things that I probably would have steered away from in the past

Dr. Steph: So overall would you recommend this type of procedure to people who have joint pain?

MF: I would recommend this definitely to people who have joint pain.  Clearly look into this initially and don’t waste the time that I did.

Make sure to watch the entire interview between Dr. Steph and Mr. Fillinich.

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